Finally an update!

Way too little time for posting but I need to get this up and taken care of. We have a SHREDDER that is about 85% +- done. Been a long time in the process, but she’s close. Just need some time in a warm dry place to do some hardware fitting and some clear coating - pictures of that beauty coming soon. It has a very cool Frog Inlay in the neck, and a crazy cool green tint to the body - Gold Hardware and all the trimmings

There is also a custom telecaster rebuild with new hardware, pickups and body - reusing the original Fender neck - very cool Orange / Burnt Orange natural finish - just need the pickups to play nice and were done there.

Also have a new neck for a beautiful spalted body - hoping to get this one completed shortly as well

There are a couple relic finish tele’s going to a major touring act - should have those ready in January 2019

A few body routing that needs to be shipped and one that needs some additional trim work

I miss a dedicated shop - no real place to get things setup and completed for over 14 months now - it’s coming - just not quite there.

Really appreciate everyone’s patience - their coming and they will be worth the wait!!

Van Flowers

Phat Guitars LLC, 10360 Holly Hill Road, Glen Allen, VA, 23059