Finally an update!

Way too little time for posting but I need to get this up and taken care of. We have a SHREDDER that is about 85% +- done. Been a long time in the process, but she’s close. Just need some time in a warm dry place to do some hardware fitting and some clear coating - pictures of that beauty coming soon. It has a very cool Frog Inlay in the neck, and a crazy cool green tint to the body - Gold Hardware and all the trimmings

There is also a custom telecaster rebuild with new hardware, pickups and body - reusing the original Fender neck - very cool Orange / Burnt Orange natural finish - just need the pickups to play nice and were done there.

Also have a new neck for a beautiful spalted body - hoping to get this one completed shortly as well

There are a couple relic finish tele’s going to a major touring act - should have those ready in January 2019

A few body routing that needs to be shipped and one that needs some additional trim work

I miss a dedicated shop - no real place to get things setup and completed for over 14 months now - it’s coming - just not quite there.

Really appreciate everyone’s patience - their coming and they will be worth the wait!!

Pieces and Parts!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now offering unfinished bodies, and complete necks for sale separately!  Check the woodshed store for base prices, and email us at for a price for upgraded wood options!  We also now offer Dominger Pickups and some Phat Guitars swag for sale as well!    Just a few of the wood options...

Maple and mahogany necks, bubinga, zebrawood, rosewood and Purple Heart... 

Maple and mahogany necks, bubinga, zebrawood, rosewood and Purple Heart... 

What's new??

We've got some very cool builds happening  right now!  A custom tele for Pat McGee, another custom spalted maple tele for Brandon Barletta both sprayed last night and looking great, 2 ammo crate teles assembled and ready for set up and final checks.  The Dark Minister 7 string prototype is assembled as well and we are very excited to see it in action!   We've got 2 Shredder model prototypes being made right now, one for Van and one for Stevie, each being highly customized, and once these prototypes are completed, both the Shredder and Dark Minister will become available model choices from Phat Guitars!  we can't wait to show them off!